Sri Renugambal College of Architecture wishes to create history by managing a placement Cell. It keeps track of vacancies in various schools and educational institutions and informs its students so they can be guided to embark upon a teaching career. The cell hopes to have an impeccable track record of achieving maximum placements every year

The ever growing arena of Education has created vast demand of well qualified and trained teachers. Never have the challenges and opportunities for careers in education been more exciting or more critical to the long 'term well-being of society than they are today.

There is a great need of having a concrete grounding in skills and knowledge to form the foundation for an outstanding teaching career. But “Education is the only key for progress”. To excel, you must also be adaptable, fast and a creative problem solver. SRCA gives you an opportunity to build your own winning combination of skills.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for experiences that allow teachers to enter education settings with the highest probability of success and effectiveness, and to provide them with the cognitive tools and attitudes needed to continue their professional development. We endeavor to provide practicing professionals opportunities to improve their competence and effectiveness and to develop as educational researchers and as leaders in education. To accomplish these goals we strive to maintain a solid research base for our curriculum. We do not preach our expectant teachers to accept the views of the previous teachers, but we expect them to curriculum their own