Sri Renugambal College of Architecture is a residential institution with the provision to accommodate all the students admitted in the institution in the hostel. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. Permission to join the college and study as a day scholar under exceptional circumstances, if decided by parents, is also available, but not recommended. For such students, bus facility is also available from Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Town on payment of necessary charges.

Turnout: Students must come to the classes dressed in neat and clean attire. Boys are to be clean shaven.

Ragging: In conformity with the law that has strictly banned ragging in any form, the college will enforce this rigorously. Even without any complaint, the management will take cognizance of any student indulging in this despicable practice. Such students will be summarily removed from the rolls and criminal action will be taken against them. Students are advised to take this warning very seriously.

Decorum: The college has set standards of behaviour, both in and outside the campus. It is the duty of every student to carry himself or herself with dignity reflecting the high standards of behavioural and spiritual experience aimed at by our institution.

Unauthorised Activities: Any activity in the college premises as well as anywhere else that involves the assembly of students of this institution and any activity involving collection of any money must be undertaken only with prior written permission of the management. Organizing and participating in unauthorised activity will attract disciplinary action.

Unauthorised Membership: Membership of any association or organization unconnected with the college must be undertaken only with the written permission of the management. Unbecoming Behaviour: Taking part in any anti – social, subversive, illegal or immoral activity will entail summary dismissal from the college. Whenever any student faces expulsion on any disciplinary ground, he or she forfeits the right to claim refund of any deposit or fees.

Undesirable Practices: Use of alcohol, tobacco or any narcotic substance in any form what so ever is strictly forbidden with the premises. Students are strongly advised to desist from such habits at all times.

The college has got its own power laundry benefits of the students. The college has a cafeteria within the campus.